Thursday, February 27, 2020

Productivity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Productivity - Essay Example define productivity as a measure of performance as compared to the ratio of output produced in relation to the input inserted into any task or project. This definition, however, shouldn’t tie any other opinion down as various knowledge bases would come up with various definitions given their respective contexts. Many factors have been brought to the forefront in a bid to expound the basis that productivity is defined. Leonhard and Simaan consider productivity as a function derived from quality of work, time, and the initial budget. On the other hand, Young groups factors that affect productivity such as the human resource management, work environment, and the particular job in context (Young, 2010). This report will consider some of those factors that affect productivity, especially in construction-related projects, therefore, trying to see points in which productivity could be improved. The structure of the paper will have a literature review section, an analysis of the relevant aspects that surround productivity, and a conclusion summed up from the entire work (Leonhard and Simaan, 2010). This section will sample two case studies of construction projects where analyses were performed to measure the productivity levels at each scenario using various techniques, and the conclusion summed up from the analyses. The undertaken steps to rectify the factors that lowered productivity will be discussed. All these discussions will be aligned with the factors that affect productivity and the refinement will help us see some ways to improve productivity; these aspects will be expounded more in the next section of this report. Construction of the Commercial Bank Headquarters in Edinburgh was undertaken as a case study to see some of the factors that affected productivity. The managers in charge of this big project took the initiative to check up on their employee productivity. The main participants were the top-level project managers and the onsite workers who were used

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